The investability rating agency for startups and scaleups.

We combine human insight, proven analytics and sophisticated algorithms to produce comprehensive assessments of investability


Business Opportunity

Is the business proposition appropriate in its target market?


Is the business model scalable to build significant value?


Is there a sizeable and accessible market opportunity?


Can the business model be scaled with the company's resources?

"When there is a benchmark for how investable you are, it gives you quantifiable credibility."


What We Do

Capital Pilot is an independent rating organisation. We measure investability the attractiveness of a startup or scaleup to potential investors. Our rating system combines data analytics with human assessments of a company’s business model and team, to provide objective insights into fundraising and scaling potential.

Our aim is to help founders identify and fix flaws in their investor proposition early, to maximise their chances of funding success.

"Capital Pilot's services are high quality and well-principled in terms of addressing fundraising issues for startups and scale-ups. They are informative and generous and use their connections to create win:win outcomes."



Our Products


The Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment Report

Combining human insight and clever tech, the Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment Report is an in-depth, bespoke analysis that helps startups benchmark their investor propositions.


Through detailed analysis, this report is designed to not only rate your pitch to investors, but enhance and improve it.

  • Quick and easy: It takes less than 30 minutes to sign up, submit a pitch deck and financial model. It's that simple. Submit your information and we'll do the rest. 

  • Overall investability rating and individual category scores are powered by our scoring algorithm.

  • Your Rating and Assessment Report is then delivered in 7 days, containing your rating and actionable feedback as standard.

As part of the Rating and Assessment report, startups and scaleups are matched to best-fit investors using our whole-of-market investor search tool and top-rated startups are showcased to our own investor network.

£150 +VAT

Take your rating and assessment to the next level with Premium

So, you have your score, but how do you implement your feedback? In addition to the full Rating and Assessment Report, Premium clients receive a 60-minute Power Hour with a senior member of the Capital Pilot team. 

Use your Power Hour to:

  • Discuss your Rating and Assessment Report in detail to gain further clarity on your score. 

  • Receive expert recommendations with actionable advice on the next steps to take your rating from good to great. 

  • Ask questions specific to your situation and gain knowledge and insight on how to proceed with your fundraising plan.

£400 +VAT


"The report looks really good... So much value for startups."


Our Collaboration Network

"It was amazing to get this deep dive on our business proposition. We got some useful feedback which we've acted on and improved our chances for raising investment as a result."


Next Steps

We are changing early-stage growth funding for good. If you are a founder looking for investment, your journey begins here. 

We are the Startup Rating Agency but, we're about more than just ratings. We help you understand how investable you are and want to help guide you along the way to more efficient fundraising.