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Unlocking the potential of diversity and innovation

The Capital Pilot Rating provides a bias-free in-depth analysis of your businesses readiness for investment


Imagine a well funded, diverse and innovative economy

Combining human insight and clever tech, the Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment provides a bias-free, in-depth analysis of business investability, helping a diverse range of Founders to prepare for and secure early-stage investment. ​ The process is simple; you apply, we assess, you then receive your investability rating and a 24-page report containing detailed feedback and actions designed to enhance your chances of fundraising success. If your rating is high enough you are automatically eligible for £50,000 worth of investment through the Boost Fund.*  Capital Pilot simplifies the process, reduces bias and increases opportunity in the early-stage investment marketplace. Equality of access too funding for everyone, everywhere.

Our Process

Business Team


A different approach, recognising the opportunity of diversity.

We built the Capital Pilot Rating Tool for founders, to help them enhance their investor proposition and guide them towards improved fundraising outcomes. We offer it to accelerators, to help them improve fundraising performance across their cohorts and measure impact and outcomes.

Combining insight and tech, the Capital Pilot Rating and Assessment Report is an in-depth, bespoke analysis that helps startups benchmark their investor propositions.
Through detailed analysis, this report is designed to not only rate your pitch to investors, but enhance and improve it.


A £50,000 investment in your big idea is a big deal.


The Boost Fund is a fast, data-driven investment vehicle that backs startups with real potential.

We have made £50,000 investments in 100 startups in just 6 months - high speed and high volume to help as many diverse, early-stage companies as we can.


​Applying for boost funding is quick and easy. Apply for a Capital Pilot Investability Rating, and if your rating is high enough you qualify automatically for funding*. That's it.

A simple, non-bias process.

Capital Pilot Channel

A new content channel brought to you by the business and creative team behind Capital Pilot and Boost. Designed to connect the global startup business community through educational and inspirational written and filmed content.

Abi Hannah.png


A new series of films profiling our start-up innovators

‘The Investors’ is a series of films created to profile some of the incredible businesses funded using the Capital Pilot Ratings Tool and Boost Fund.

Revealing their experiences, both good and bad, our innovative and diverse founders deliver valuable insight into the life of a start-up.

In the second of our film series, Capital Pilot profiles Abi Hannah, co-founder of Aura Fertility. Abi shares her journey from international corporate life to start-up founder and the challenges of raising investment as a female entrepreneur.

How ready is your startup to raise?

Take this short quiz to find out!

Funding your startup can be daunting, with many potential roadblocks along the way. Capital Pilot is here to help. Experts in startup funding, we want to help you every step of the way.

Take our quiz to see how ready you are to raise funds, and then begin your journey with confidence.


The Success List


Our Community


Join our community, share your experiences

The Capital Pilot and Boost Community is innovative and diverse. Join our community to share and receive ideas and experiences and early access to events, seminars and exclusive content.

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