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Boost Fund 1 is now fully allocated!

1 December 2022

Capital Pilot's CEO and Founder Richard Blakesley talks about breaking records and the exciting next phase for the Boost Fund

It's amazing to say that after less than 6 months, Boost Fund 1 is fully deployed! The fund has nearly 100 confirmed allocations in the UK, making it by some way the highest volume investor in UK start-ups. We’ve achieved that during a timeframe that is, when compared to the overall market pace, quite extraordinary. What that means is that we are now focusing all of our energy on building the next Boost Fund to ensure the continuity of funding supply to all the great start-ups in the UK marketplace - enabling us to impact the growth of the UK economy positively. But of course, the Capital Pilot rating service is not just about applying for Boost Fund 1. This is about getting objective, non-biased feedback about your business proposition which will ensure you’re in the best possible shape to achieve your fundraising goals. The assessment report and the Capital Pilot/Boost Fund teams will give you clear guidance - outlining your business strengths and weaknesses and providing you with actionable feedback on how you can improve your proposition and, therefore, your chance of achieving fundraising success. At the end of this process, there may well be Boost funding for the companies that achieve the highest rating. But really, it's all about the rating and assessment!

As we move onward from Boost Fund 1, the message is clear - don’t hold back

There will be further Boost Funds. Please apply and begin the assessment process and use our ratings service. If you get a high rating you will be in the queue for the next Boost Fund as soon as it is ready!" More information about the next Boost Fund: "Having surprised ourselves by the speed of Boost Fund 1 allocation (which was set up as a £5 million fund for 100 investments of £50,000 each for UK-based start-ups), we’re now working very hard to deliver on further Boost Funds to continue to invest in UK businesses.

We’re hoping there will be no gap between the completion of Boost Fund 1 and future Boost Funds. But, for sure, by early 2023, the next Boost Fund will be up and running, continuing on and building our commitment to provide equal access to funding for everyone. Everywhere.

Thank you all for the support.


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