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Capital Pilot Launches its Summer Special Free Assessment Campaign

Capital Pilot is launching its £75,000 Summer Special to help 500 startups and scaleups on their funding journey.

Fundraising at the moment is even more difficult for early stage growth businesses, and time-critical for many. That’s why we are giving away £75,000 worth of investability assessments and ratings, all in the month of July, as part of a package of free services, to help 500 founders with their fundraising efforts.

We are delivering our offer through leading accelerators, incubators, investor networks and other bodies which support startups and scaleups, with a strong focus on founder demographics and business types that are under-represented in early-stage investment. We have reached out to nearly 100 organisations, and the 500 free spaces are nearly filled.

Companies receive our 24-page investability assessment report with analysis and actionable feedback on their investor proposition. They will also get a free entrepreneurial behaviour assessment from our colleagues at META. Investor matching and intro services will also be offered subject to rating outcomes. And top-rated companies will qualify automatically for £50,000 equity investment from our planned Rescue Equity Fund (now £50k Boost Fund) when launched.

To deliver on our Summer Special our team has grown from 6 full-timers to nearly 40. We are massively grateful to the whole team, and our assessors in particular, for their efforts.

July will prove that investment filtering and selection are scalable; that investability is measurable; and that tech-driven standardization and efficiency improvement can be applied as well to the world of investment as to any other industry.

We will keep you updated with our progress throughout the month.


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