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Capital Pilot launches Rescue Equity Fund Initiative

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Capital Pilot, the investability rating agency, announces the launch of a funding initiative to help thousands of UK startups survive through the COVID-19 crisis.

Qualifying companies will receive investment of £50,000 each, using an automated process designed by Capital Pilot, with a plan to support hundreds or even thousands of companies.

“Thousands of UK startups and scaleups are at risk of failure because of the COVID-19 crisis, we have the tools and processes in place to deploy funding rapidly, and the Rescue Equity Fund is using them to support the startup community”.

Chris Barrett, angel investor and a shareholder in Capital PIlot said “While many are petitioning Government for support and expecting them to solve the problem, Capital Pilot is taking the initiative to create a private sector solution which is cheap, scalable and rapidly deployable”.

Capital Pilot is seeking funding for its Rescue Equity (now £50k Boost Fund) programme from corporates, institutions and individuals who wish to support startups while benefiting from investment in a large pool of growth companies.

The Rescue Equity Fund is in partnership with Seedlegals whose SeedFAST platform enables rapid documentation and completion of investment rounds. Capital Pilot’s ambition is for a 1-week application to funding timeline.

“Startups and Scaleups will be the driving force behind the economic bounce-back”, said Blakesley. “We must support a whole generation of entrepreneurs which is at risk today, but which will fuel the UK’s future growth”.

☎️ Richard Blakesley CEO and Founder. 07792 537959


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