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Capital Pilot Rebrand!

We've rebranded and redesigned our website! You might have noticed when you saw our new logo. Yes, this article is partly to encourage you to take a look, but it’s also to share what we learned during the process about the importance of messaging.



The power of simplicity

We faced the same problem as many early-stage businesses. There are plenty of use cases for our products, from screening accelerator applicants to informing investment decisions, which makes it difficult to find one sentence that summarises what we do and who we serve.

We’ve found the trick is to limit ourselves to describing only our core functions. It’s easy to identify how you can work with someone once they understand (and are interested in) the product.

Know when to ask for help

If you're redesigning your website — or creating your first — it helps to have a UI specialist on the team. We don’t have that luxury so we sought help from Elizabeth Dunne. Elizabeth is a visual storyteller with a specialism in cohesive brand design. She helped us create the website and distil our messaging to produce a final product that we’re really proud of.

Our team played an active role in the redesign but, by working with Elizabeth, we were able to cut through the noise and avoid getting ourselves tangled in endless feedback loops on the design. This meant the Capital Pilot team could focus on the message we wanted to convey. This decision dramatically reduced the amount of development time and definitely improved the result.

Importance of reassessing messaging

How you present your business will change as you grow. This might be a result of a decision to alter your proposition or response to changes in the market your business serves. However it happens, it’s essential to keep up to date so that you are clear how your business is relevant today.

It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. We hadn’t changed our website for a while (probably too long!) but it was rewarding to see that since then we had made real progress towards our mission to improve the efficiency and fairness of investment in early-stage businesses.


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